I am not one of those over flexible yogis. Quite the opposite. I came to yoga because my inner voice was praying to slow down. I took that memo to heart. That was fourteen years ago. A story in and of itself that I have scribed about numerous times.

But for right now, I would like to speak to the idea that people that practice yoga are flexible. Yes, some are. Many are. And then there are those that are not. There is a fine line between muscular strength and flexibility. Can the two co-exist? I am still doing my best to figure that one out. Balance one might say, but the truth is, I don't think there is such a thing.

The more I or anyone for that matter, trains be it weight training, cardio or both, the better "shape' we become. By shape I mean physical shape. Then there is yoga. Where the real shape that matters is an internal one. Yes, the poses can be executed with more grace and fluidity, but what really matters is the internal fire/or cleansing that takes place. Call it our emotions, energy centers or the like, there is a deep transformation that occurs.

This is why I practice. This is what lights me up...