Why I Practice

I am not one of those over flexible yogis. Quite the opposite. I came to yoga because my inner voice was praying to slow down. I took that memo to heart. That was fourteen years ago. A story in and of itself that I have scribed about numerous times.

But for right now, I would like to speak to the idea that people that practice yoga are flexible. Yes, some are. Many are. And then there are those that are not. There is a fine line between muscular strength and flexibility. Can the two co-exist? I am still doing my best to figure that one out. Balance one might say, but the truth is, I don't think there is such a thing.

The more I or anyone for that matter, trains be it weight training, cardio or both, the better "shape' we become. By shape I mean physical shape. Then there is yoga. Where the real shape that matters is an internal one. Yes, the poses can be executed with more grace and fluidity, but what really matters is the internal fire/or cleansing that takes place. Call it our emotions, energy centers or the like, there is a deep transformation that occurs.

This is why I practice. This is what lights me up...




In The Spirit

In The Spirit

I simply adore the spectacle of lights this time of year. It brings me back to a time when light bright pegs adorned the carpeted floor of my folks dining room. A time where creativity and lack of inhibition were abundant. A time where endless possibilities were possible...

As we grow in our years, we may have a tendency to lose our connection. To the simply pleasures, the joy that is all around us. The sun on your face, the wind in your hair. Holding the hand of a loved one. Intimacy in all forms. 

It only takes a moment to shift your perspective. To breathe in a another possibility. All that is required is your presence. A deep listening with your heart and soul. As it has been said, "The heart knows the soul better than the mind does."

Through child like eyes and wonder, our lives take on a new direction. There is an expansive quality that resonates throughout our entire body. From this place of deep presence, awareness and love, we birth our dreams into reality. One moment, one breath at a time.

So dear ones, I lovingly invite you to allow that inner child to come out, if for only a moment. When you gaze upon the lights that may adorn a tree, a home or some other place, make a wish. Feel it with your entire being. Then take a deep breath and let it go. You just never know. The universe has an uncanny way of surprising us.

Many blessings and love, Denise






The 5 LB Frenzy

A love letter to self:

Dear Denise,

It's been nearly 32 years that you have thought about your weight. Food, calories, exercise. You know, the typical girl stuff. For twenty of those years you counted calories daily. Qualifying what was okay, when you overate and when you just felt like complete shit.